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The following titles can now be ordered through Edelweiss in North America

US/CA distribution: Pathway Book Service. All titles are listed at Ingram and Gardners.

Adult fiction Middle Grade / Teen / YA fiction
9781907230691  The Sicilian Woman's Daughter 9781907230448  Peregrine Harker & The Black Death
9781907230684  When Anthony Rathe Investigates 9781907230196  The Boy Who Made it Rain
9781907230189  Ellipsis  # 9781907230455  Petronella & The Trogot
9781907230462  A Taste for Blood  # 9781907230608  Petronella and the Janjilons
9781907230387  Lynnwood  #  
9781907230516  Featherbones  
9781907230752  The Eloquence of Desire  
Omnibus edition of three titles marked # Non-fiction
9781907230738  Three British Mystery Novels 9781907230080  Psychology of Crowds
Drama (Comedy) 9781907230318  The Greatest Crash
9781907230004 The True Friend (Il vero amico)

9781907230769  The Financial System Limit

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In addition to supply from UK and US sources, titles listed below are also available as indicated from:

Um Libro - Meta Brasil (BR), CNPIEC (CN), Books on Demand (DE), Podiprint (ES), Repro (IN), Rotomail (IT), Dai Nippon Printing (JP), KSI (KR), Azymut (PL) and Lightning Source (AU, NZ).

ISBN Title Availability
9781907230387 Lynnwood 1st March 2023 - AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230448 Peregrine Harker & the Black Death * Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230608 Petronella and the Janjilons * Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230684 When Anthony Rathe Investigates Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230691 The Sicilian Woman's Daughter Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230738       Three British Mystery Novels Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230752 The Eloquence of Desire Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL
9781907230783 The Financial System Limit Now -  AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR,NZ, PL

* These editions have extra pages to encourage reading by children learning English.


Supply by Paperback Shop

Paperbackshop ( are a wholesaler particularly supplying internet shops with single orders. All titles available from our UK sources are supplied by paperbackshop and in addition they distribute the paperback edition of The Financial System Limit 9781907230783 worldwide except USA, CA, RU, UK.


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