Sally Spedding

Sally Spedding has won many awards including the H. E. Bates short story prize and the Anne Tibble award for poetry.  Sally is the author of seven highly acclaimed mystery novels.



Sally Spedding

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Romance, intrigue and mystery set in France

Colette Bataille, a single mother, falls desperately in love with the charismatic and handsome Father Jean Baptiste who grips her into a mystical hold.  But she soon finds he is no ordinary Catholic priest. As she starts to investigate the past of this fallen man, her son dies. Colette suspects he has been murdered. She steps up her investigations only to uncover a group of dangerous collaborators.
Can she escape this world of deceit and get the revenge she craves?
This is a stunning book with vivid characters and a gripping story.

Praise for Malediction

" The setting is perfect ... Spedding has created a scenario, not unlikely to happen, and a few amazing characters that won’t let you forget them. A well plotted and edgy piece of art."

Christoph Fischer, Author

Praise for Sally Spedding

Her writing is so distinctly unique it will truly chill you to the bone.”
Sally Meseg for Dreamcatcher
"Sally Spedding is a font of creepy stories ..."

Western Mail

Spedding knows that before delivering the set-pieces it's essential to carefully build suspense through both unsettling incident and sense of locale - at both, she's unquestionably got what it takes.”
Barry Forshaw, Crime Time
Sally Spedding is the mistress of her craft.”





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