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Gatwick Bear and the Secret Plans

"My son aged 6 reviewed this for me and he loved it! The writing holds your attention, zips along and is funny! The author suggests probably 7-12 is the right reading age for the book but at 6 and 30-something we loved it too!" - Becky Goddard-Hill, Book Reviews for Mums.

"This was really cute. An entertaining book for kids and definitely unique. An espionage crime thriller about bears! :)" - Tara Clark, Putnam Science Academy


"It's a tale that will keep them wondering, gasping, thinking, smiling, grimacing, rereading. What more can a reader ask for?" - Spinetingler Magazine

"I wouldn't have stopped reading if my house was on fire!" - Cas Peace

"Tight, evocative gut-punches tempered by the desperate details of everyday life" - Shaun Kupfer, author of White Male, 34

"This is the type of story that keeps the reader up half the night" - Maureen Vincent-Northam, author of 'The Writer's ABC checklist', Hereford

The Eloquence of Desire

"I have just stumbled onto the nicest surprise" - Susan Abraham

"an atmospheric novel with thought provoking themes" - Bookish Magpie

"A good read" - Book Pleasures

"For those who know me, giving a book a 5 is something I don't do. My belief is if a book receives a 5 rating, it better be worthy of a Nobel Prize in literature. The Eloquence of Desire is one such book. Ms. Sington-Williams has written a book that flows rhythmically, lyrically, like poetry or a song, but touches on every facet of human nature. This is not an easy read. Filled with emotion and every facet of human nature laid bare before the reader, this story will grip your heart and bring your emotions to the foreground. I don't think anyone will come away from this story untouched." - Romance Writers United.

"an engrossing and atmospheric novel... has the sharp edge, clarity and narrative drive of Somerset Maugham... Thoroughly recommended!" - Dr. Stephen Wyatt, Award-winning writer of Memorials to the Missing.

The Boy Who Made it Rain

"innovative and insightful... couldn't wait to devour part two" - Times Educational Supplement

"I was utterly flabbergasted... one of the most compelling novels I've ever read" - Heffers Review, Cambridge

"Brilliant writing, brilliant structure, brilliant book" - Des Dillon, author of Me and Ma Gal

"... definitely up there with the modern classics" - What? Magazine

"A Must-Read for Teens and Adults: The Boy Who Made It Rain is an innovative novel that will keep you glued to the story until you turn the last page and learn the final outcome." - Fran Lewis, New York Reviewer.

American Myths in Post-9/11 Music

"Definitely worth the read about the attacks of September 11th and the way (they influenced) myths and music" - Katie Wanta, Reviewer

The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy

"Radical thinkers might have a point" - Financial Times

Cold Remains

"A creepy and suspenseful read." - Lucy O'Connor, Waterstones

"...the most complex, incredible, yet realistic Gordian knot I've read of in a very long time - if ever." - Mallory Forbes, Mallory Heart Reviews.

"This is a horror story and a mystery. If you like well-written creepy thrillers, this is one to consider." - Geoff Jones, England (see full review on Euro Crime site)

"Will keep the reader on edge until the very end." - Fran Lewis, New York reviewer, talk show host and interviewer

Petronella & The Trogot

"Kids will like this. Girls will like it for romance and boys will like it for the scare factor." - Ann Klausing, Books-a-Million

"Full of ghosts and ghoulies, this is an imaginative tale." - Bertrams Books


"The setting is perfect ... Spedding has created a scenario, not unlikely to happen, and a few amazing characters that won’t let you forget them. A well plotted and edgy piece of art." - Christoph Fischer, Author

A Taste for Blood

"This is a delightful read because you are not quite sure what will happen and you are hooked enough to keep on reading. Enjoyable " J Robert Ewbank, author


'A dark horror story set in a picturesque village. I would recommend this to fans of classic English horror as well as fans of Stephen King.' - Lucy O'Connor, Waterstones

"A quintessentially British folk horror chiller, with an escalating power of dread that is rendered deftly. A new voice in British horror, that you'll want to read, has entered the field." - Adam Nevill

"The plot line is new and exciting ... I was surprised more than once at what was happening. If you are looking for a good book, definitely pick up this one." - Alison Mudge, Librarian, USA

" A dark journey not only of the mind, but of the soul. Mr. Brown's extraordinary talent is evident as he paints a virtual feast for the reader with eloquently chosen prose in this powerfully engaging novel." - Nina D'Arcangela

"An exciting, on the edge of your seat gothic that will have readers begging for more." - Rosemary Smith, Librarian

"An exciting début from a new young writer with a dark imagination. Thomas Brown's beautifully written novel proposes a modern gothic forest far from the tourist trail, a place filled with strange events and eerie consequences." - Philip Hoare

"This book was great! I loved the author's writing style - the words flowed perfectly. Reading this was less like reading a book and more like watching the movie in my mind's eye. Fantastic!" - Laura Smith, Goodreads Reviewer.

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death

“A great middle-grade mystery novel that will keep readers hooked from the first page. Well done!” Jenni French, Morgan County Library, USA

“Great story. I will recommend it to my middle school readers.” Librarian, USA

“Such a great fast paced book... FUN FUN read" Love to Read Always book blog

"One hell of a lot of fun! Readers of all ages will gobble up this non-stop rip roaring adventure – don’t miss this one!" – Bill Baker, Educator, USA

"I am so excited to discover an adventure book with a boy for the protagonist/narrator. Peregrine is such a great character and one I think middle grade students (especially boys) will fall in love with. The story is highly imaginative and original, and I love how the plot was fast paced." The Hopeful Heroine Blog

Petronella and the Janjilons

"Loved this book - engaged with it straight away - especially liked Betty. Delightful book. Well recommended." - Lorraine Baker, Bookseller, Wales

"... a great book for reluctant readers ... A good fantasy read with good vs. evil" - Ann Klausing, Books-a-Million

"There are three witches, a hidden school and a lot of evil in this story. You'll meet characters that will surprise you and the ending is great. - Ms. Bentley does not write boring books. I can see a young one reading this book more than once. Maybe they can even write a story of their own..." - Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie

"You'll have to jump on this fast moving fairy tale thriller to find out what happens..." - Bill Baker, Teacher

Candy from a Stranger

"Thrilling storyline, Texas characters with vivid imagery. Couldn't put it down." - Irene Leos, Librarian

"This is a book that pulls you in immediately. There are many shocking twists and turns throughout the story." - Sandra Theberge, reviewer

"This seemed like the typical child kidnap story you read about in the papers. At first I wondered about the main character, Ben Cain, a psychology teacher whose son is kidnapped and he turns vigilante. I stopped for a bit thinking that this was going to be pretty predictable so should I bother carrying on. Well I am pleased that I did as the twist at the end really threw me and I love it when that happens. I thought the characters were well developed and I enjoyed the descriptive text throughout the book. Will most certainly be recommending this book to others!" - Noelle Holton, reviewer and criminologist


"Featherbones is an ethereal love song to a city by the sea. Thomas Brown's beautiful novel depicts a liminal world of statues, drownings and winged creatures. It's also a real page turner. I love this book." - Rebecca Smith, author of The Bluebird Café

"I loved the use of language, I loved the story and above all I loved the constant sensation that I was walking on the top of the dividing wall between reality and dream and imagination and past and present and future. I want to live on that wall for the rest of my life." - Bookrazy blog

"What to call this experience? Magical realism doesn't quite fit right. Magical-psychological-philosophical-realism. Maybe. This is a book that will be unlike any other that you have read. If you enjoy reading books that make you think, and make you wonder at the author's ability to turn every day ordinary into something else, something a bit more extraordinary, then I recommend this book to you." - Ionia Martin, Readful things blog

Further Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

"Captures the feel of the originals ... well-rounded tales" - Jonathan Johnson, Librarian, USA

"Gripping stories which capture the essence and spirit ... satisfying complex mysteries" - Neil Coombes, UK reviewer

"It is a testament to the writers ... that it is difficult to see where Doyle ends and the new authors begin ... A welcome addition to the legacy of Conan Doyle" - Tracy Colton, UK reviewer

"These stories bring Holmes and Watson back to life in the true spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." - Jeannette Beech, UK reviewer

Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?

"The need for a reasoned and sensible debate about the impact of Brexit has never been higher, with continued Government obfuscation about what Britain's exit from the EU will entail. David Kauders' well-researched book concisely explains the different Brexit options available and details their implications, with the case for Britain's continued access to the single market shining through. Kauders' work should be required reading for all those wishing to quickly grasp the consequences of Brexit" - - Lord Bilimoria, Chairman, Cobra Beer Partnership and Cross Bench member of the House of Lords

"With little clarity over what Brexit entails, 'Understanding Brexit Options' takes its reader through the options open to the UK in its future relationship with the EU. It helps lift the fog hanging over the toughest decision the UK will have to take in this generation." - - Tom Brake MP

"A useful addition to the current debate and has the benefit of being a short read" - - Lord Bruce of Bennachie

"'Understanding Brexit Options' by David Kauders illuminates the complexity of the options involved: staying within the single market, within the customs union, or either, or both. Or neither, which is what a hard Brexit would mean, or some sort of associated agreement (which seems the least likely). Brexiteers gave voters no idea of what they had in mind, and for that matter still seem to be at sixes and sevens over what they hope to achieve. Kauders exposes the facile promises of a free trade bonanza after Brexit in an increasingly protectionist world, and the illusion that we can stay in the single market and control our own borders - "have our cake and eat it" in Boris Johnson's dream world. In fact, anyone who wants to be better informed about the best solution, or the least bad, or feels they should be, could do no better than to read this clear analysis." - - Lord Taverne