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Information for authors who want to sell translation rights
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Translation Rights Sold


David Stuart Davies

 Sherlock Holmes & The Hentzau Affair         Shadow of the Rat         The Scroll of the Dead         The Tangled Skein         The Veiled Detective

Sherlock Holmes titles. Rights sold:

Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Turkish



Brian Conaghan

The Boy Who Made it Rain. Rights sold:

Dutch - Publisher: Lannoo

German - Publisher: Bastei Lübbe

Korean - Publisher: The Little Seeds


Linda Lo Scuro

The Sicilian Woman's Daughter. Rights sold:

Serbian - Publisher: Vulkan izdavastvo d.o.o.

Slovenian - Joint publishers: Avrora AS, Zalozba KMS


Other rights sales

Rights sold in Chinese and Portuguese Published in Turkish by Yediveren Yayinlari