Hardback 216 x 138 mm 317pages
ISBN: 978-1-907230-03-5
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The vale of cedars is a hiding place for those who are persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition. Set in Spain in 1479, Julien and his daughter, Marie, take refuge there. A knight stumbles into the vale and Marie falls in love with him during his furtive visits. But Julien has promised his daughter to his nephew: the young King of Sicily, Ferdinand. Her future is blighted by the dark powerful forces, holders of her closely guarded secret, moving in on her once she has left the vale.
An extract from the book:
"Marie's answer was as Father Denis feared. She had pondered on all he had said, and the dread alternative awaiting her; but the impossibility of embracing Catholicism was stronger than ever. The unfeigned distress of the old monk pained and alarmed her, for it seemed to her as if he were conscious that some dreadful doom was hanging over her, which he shrank from revealing. She had not long to remain in that torturing suspense: a few hours later in the same day, she was summoned to Isabella's presence. The sensation of terror was so intense as to render obedience, for the minute, utterly impossible. Every limb shook, and again came the wild longing for power to believe as they desired; for a momentary cessation of the voice of conscience, to embrace the proffered cross, and be at rest. But it would not cease; and, scarcely able to support herself, she stood before the dread Princess in whose hand was her earthly fate".









ISBN 9781907230035