Candy from a Stranger

Daryl Buckner

We have left this page visible as a tribute to the late Daryl Buckner. However, this book is no longer available from us.

Psychological Thriller

Child abduction told by the father, but has he gone insane?

What would you do if your child went missing and the police were ineffective? Exactly. You would start investigations yourself.

When eight-year-old Lucas Cain is snatched, his father, Ben, dedicates his life to finding out what happened to his only child. His desperation leads to his life being torn to shreds: his marriage in tatters, his job lost and even his mind is altered. They all believe Ben has gone insane. Has he? Self-fulfilling prophecy kicks in as Ben starts to believe he may well have had a role in the disappearance. The police close in on him just as he is about to uncover the complex mystery.



"Thrilling storyline, Texas characters with vivid imagery. Couldn't put it down."

Irene Leos, Librarian

"This is a book that pulls you in immediately. There are many shocking twists and turns throughout the story."

Sandra Theberge, reviewer

"This seemed like the typical child kidnap story you read about in the papers. At first I wondered about the main character, Ben Cain, a psychology teacher whose son is kidnapped and he turns vigilante. I stopped for a bit thinking that this was going to be pretty predictable so should I bother carrying on. Well I am pleased that I did as the twist at the end really threw me and I love it when that happens. I thought the characters were well developed and I enjoyed the descriptive text throughout the book. Will most certainly be recommending this book to others!"

Noelle Holton, reviewer and criminologist


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Daryl Buckner

Daryl Buckner lived in Round Rock, Texas. Born in Mt. Vernon, Washington, he lived the majority of his life as a professional guitarist and musical instructor. Daryl performed with a diverse roster of artists which include Toby Keith, Alice Cooper, Huey Lewis, Michael Bolton and Gospel Hall of Fame members The Jordanaires. Venues included a ten-year residency at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and tours extended to Japan, Europe, and South America. Daryl was a member of the cast of the award-winning “Blast From the Past.” He spent his later years writing fictional novels, primarily in crime/suspense and science fiction.

Daryl passed away in his sleep on 11th October 2016.