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Crime, detective, mystery, suspense, thriller and horror

Further exploits of Sherlock Holmes  
The Sicilian Woman's Daughter When Anthony Rathe Investigates Further exploits of Sherlock Holmes Lynnwood Cold Remains
Linda Lo Scuro Matthew Booth David Stuart Davies, Matthew Booth Thomas Brown Sally Spedding
Crime / Women's Fiction Detective Detective Horror Crime / Noir mystery
To be published 22nd October 2018 To be published 18th September 2018 "These stories bring Holmes and Watson back to life in the true spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." "An exciting ... beautifully written novel" "Will keep the reader on edge until the very end"


Candy from a Stranger, by Daryl Buckner
 A Taste for Blood Malediction Candy from a Stranger Ellipsis Featherbones
David Stuart Davies Sally Spedding Daryl Buckner Nikki Dudley Thomas Brown
Detective Noir thriller / Romance Psychological thriller Thriller Urban fiction
"You won't see what's coming" A stunning book with vivid characters and a gripping story ".. a book that pulls you in immediately"  "An intriguing, satisfying read" "An exquisitely written novel"

Lynnwood, A Taste for Blood, Cold Remains and Ellipsis are available as a bundle "Four British Mysteries".

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