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International crime, thriller, detective / mystery

Four gripping books


The Eloquence of Desire



Thomas Brown's brilliant writing: mild horror/mystery and urban fiction/new adult


Three British Mystery Novels (above)

Our omnibus edition combining A Taste for Blood, Ellipsis and Lynnwood, makes a superb reading gift


Brian Congahan's first book is for older teens


Adventure stories for ages 8 and upwards

Especially suitable for

<<  Boys: Peregrine Harker & The Black Death

Girls: Petronella and the Janjilons  >>

Good readers: Petronella & The Trogot  >>


For those in business or interested in the economy, finance and politics


Drama (comedy)

Italian and English

parallel text



A better Brexit is possible.  Learn what other options are still open to Britain in Understanding Brexit Options

All above titles available as e-books, some only available as an e-book.

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