Thank you for your interest in Sparkling Books.

All proposals and submissions must be made through this process. Do not telephone us or send anything by post or email.  Your manuscript must be independently edited prior to submission and be written in English.

If you have a book that has been published in print only, we can publish it as an e-book for you. Use the proposal form below.

If you have a book that has been published in print and/or e-book formats, we can consider selling translation rights for you.

The steps in our submission process for publication are:



Before you complete our online proposal form, please read through our webpage About us.

You will find the proposal form here. Please have the following details ready:

  • Title of book, author, your email address
  • Your country of residence
  • Copy and paste the first chapter of your book into the form
  • Length (word count)
  • Genre (crime thriller, crime mystery, detective fiction, romance, women's fiction, etc.)
  • Outline of the plot (including the ending) or subject/scope/concepts for non-fiction: you may find it easier to prepare this and paste it into our form
  • Your previous publications or writing history (if any)
  • Your occupation
  • Any relevant contacts that would help promote the book
  • What you will do to promote your book
  • Name and experience of your editor


Submission of complete typescript

If we find your proposal form of interest, we will ask you to send us a complete typescript as an email attachment of a single file.


Use of copyrights held by others

If you wish to use material that is in copyright in your book then you must obtain the necessary permission to do so.


Copyright permissions: quotations from our books

Authors wishing to quote from books published by Sparkling Books should note that permission will be required to reproduce any text and images. If you only refer to non-fiction work published by us and discuss general concepts without direct quotation, no permission is required but you must fully reference the work, year published, and add "published by Sparkling Books".