The Greatest Crash and The Financial System Limit

Two related books by David Kauders

"Radical thinkers might have a point"
Financial Times, about The Greatest Crash
"One of the things we need now is new thinking on the fundamentals... Most readers will learn a good deal from his provocative insights."
Emeritus Prof. David Myddelton

The roadblock in finance

The Greatest Crash explains why the financial system that evolved from the early Italian bankers can expand no further. It covers the broad failings of global finance.

Then it examines the contradictions, wishful thinking and paradoxes that give rise to so much financial trouble.

To escape this system limit, evolution is needed, but the obsession with regulation and conformity act to prevent evolution.

IThe Financial System Limit, the author challenges the existing academic and political consensus about how economies should be managed, showing that finance is the root cause of public dissatisfaction with the elite and their policies. Serious problems of both inequality and populism have their origin in monetary and economic policy. Estimates show that one-fifth of all economic output is spent on interest: this is too high an overhead and cannot be allowed to increase.

There are separate e-book and print editions of each title.


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The Greatest Crash

The Financial System Limit

Avoiding the financial system limit The world's real debt burden **


Both books are clearly written and will be of interest to anyone concerned about the deteriorating global economy.

You will learn why there is no choice between austerity and growth, or between taxes and spending.


** Print edition subtitle: Britain's real debt burden



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The Greatest Crash by David Kauders

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The Financial System Limit by David Kauders

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About the author

David Kauders FRSA was educated at Latymer Upper School, Jesus College Cambridge and Cranfield School of Management. He is an investment manager and author.


The Greatest Crash

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The Financial System Limit

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Publication 10 May 2024

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