Further Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

David Stuart Davies and Matthew Booth

This exciting anthology brings together the work of two much admired Sherlock Holmes writers. In these stories Holmes and Watson are engaged in daring exploits applying their razor-sharp intelligence in new cases.


"Captures the feel of the originals ... well-rounded tales"

Jonathan Johnson, Librarian, USA

"Gripping stories which capture the essence and spirit ... satisfying complex mysteries"

Neil Coombes, UK reviewer

"It is a testament to the writers ... that it is difficult to see where Doyle ends and the new authors begin ... A welcome addition to the legacy of Conan Doyle"

Tracy Colton, UK reviewer

"These stories bring Holmes and Watson back to life in the true spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

Jeannette Beech, UK reviewer

By David Stuart Davies:

The Reichenbach Secret
The Adventure of the Brewer's Son
The Secret of the Dead
Murder at Tragere House

By Matthew Booth:

The Dragon of Lea Lane
The Fairmont Confession
The Mornington Scream
The Riddle of Satan's Tooth
The Tragedy of Saxon's Gate
The Verse of Death




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E-book: £4.99, US$6.49, €5.99

Publication date: 1st July 2016

ISBN: 978-1-907230-61-5

Published by Sparkling Books

Only available as an e-book

Further Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

e-book only 9781907230615

Mycroft Holmes.  Watson.  Baker Street.


David Stuart Davies

David Stuart Davies is the author of seven novels featuring Sherlock Holmes as well as several non-fiction books about the Baker Street detective including the movie volume Starring Sherlock Holmes. Other crime/mystery novels include A Taste for Blood.

David is the general contributing editor for Wordsworth Editions Mystery & Supernatural series and a major contributor of introductions to the Collectors’ Library classic editions.

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Matthew Booth

Matthew Booth is the author of Sherlock Holmes and the Giants Hand and When Anthony Rathe Investigates. He is an author in the MX Publishing Undershaw Preservation project, having contributed to their anthologies of new Sherlock Holmes stories.

Matthew was a scriptwriter for the American radio network, Imagination Theater, syndicated by Jim French Productions, contributing particularly to their series: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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