Translation Rights Sales

If you are a published author in English, we offer you the possibility of having your work translated into other languages. Your book(s) must have been professionally edited and you must hold the translation rights for the edited text so that we can represent you. Only works that meet our quality standards, and are suitable for our particular agents' network, can be considered.

We meet our foreign rights agents in person twice a year when we show them our latest rights catalogue and discuss the prospects for each book. We have a network of foreign agents covering most major countries.

All requests for translation rights sales must be made through this process. Do not telephone us or send anything by post. We particularly welcome crime, thriller, detective, and mystery fiction. Please do not submit children's books, illustrated books, biographies, poetry, plays or short stories.  We may, exceptionally, consider collections of crime genre short stories.

If you would like us to sell translation rights for your published book/s, please complete our online enquiry form.

If we find your enquiry of interest, we will ask you to send us a sample of your work by email.