Three British Mystery Novels

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 A Taste for Blood, by David Stuart Davies
 Detective mystery set in London
 “This is a delightful read because you are not quite sure what will happen and you are hooked enough to keep on reading. Enjoyable.
 Ellipsis, by Nikki Dudley
 Psychological crime thriller set in London
 "I wouldn't have stopped reading if my house was on fire!"
 Lynnwood, by Thomas Brown
 Mysterious horror set in an English forest village
 "An exciting, on the edge of your seat gothic that will have readers begging for more."

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Three British Mystery Novels, omnibus print edition ISBN 978-1-907230-73-8.  Ebook bundle.  ISBN: 978-1-907230-74-5

Three British Mystery Novels, omnibus print edition ISBN 9781907230738.  E-book bundle.  ISBN 9781907230745


























ereading  Omnibus print edition

Three British Mystery Novels print 9781907230738     978-1-907230-73-8

ebook 9781907230745      978-1-907230-74-5


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ISBN: 978-1-907230-74-5

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ISBN: 978-1-907230-73-8

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