Bear Markets: When finance turns upside down

David Kauders

How does a bear market in equities differ from a bull market? What lessons can be learned from events of the past quarter century in Japan? Have the norms of financial strategy changed?

This provocative new book shows why the massive long-term capital market top spanning 18 years cannot be breached. Using his concept of the financial system limit, investment manager David Kauders explains how traditional economic cycles have been supplanted by a new economic cycle.

The Financial Times said of the author's first book, The Greatest Crash

"Radical thinkers might have a point"

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Table of contents


1  The long-term equity top

2  Why are there recurrent financial crises?

3  The global economy, finance, business and politics

4  Bull and bear markets

5  Lessons from Japan

6  Financial strategy turns upside down

7  Avoiding mistakes

8  A capital preservation strategy

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Note: Publication is unlikely to be before 2025.


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Bear Markets: When finance turns upside down

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About the author

David Kauders FRSA was educated at Latymer Upper School, Jesus College Cambridge and Cranfield School of Management. He is an investment manager and author.

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