Reinventing Democracy: Improving British political governance

90% of electors want political reform. But how to escape the mess? Britain should adopt a federal structure with a written constitution and an elected apolitical People's Council replacing autocratic and ineffective bodies.


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Are you ready to reimagine the United Kingdom's governance?

This insightful book takes a critical look at the present political governance system of the United Kingdom, proposing a radical restructuring to modernise the nation. It advocates for sweeping changes such as the adoption of federalism, a written constitution, a People's Council, and a redefined role for the monarchy. The book provides a detailed exploration of systemic failures, policy missteps, and the consequences of neoliberal policies, offering solutions to enhance democracy, economic performance, and global standing.

  • The book delves deep into the structural issues plaguing the United Kingdom's political governance.
  • It advocates for radical reforms including the establishment of a People's Council and the adoption of federalism.
  • The book provides a comprehensive critique of neoliberal policies and their detrimental effects on the country.
  • It presents a detailed blueprint for restructuring the UK's governance system.

Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the UK's political system, its flaws, and the proposed solutions to these issues. The book is a resourceful guide for anyone interested in political science, public policy, or governance, and those seeking to contribute to democratic reform.

At the centre of these ideas lie four major concepts:

  1. The People's Council to replace the Privy Council, House of Lords, and some scrutiny functions of the present House of Commons.
  2. A federal structure, with sovereignty defined as sovereignty of the people of each nation instead of the Crown in parliament.
  3. Representation in United Kingdom-wide bodies to be determined according to the Fibonacci series, so that England can be outvoted by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, thereby preventing England treating the other nations as colonies.
  4. The book includes a draft written constitution, with the aim of putting citizens in control of government.

There is much more waiting for you to discover.

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“A compelling and clear pathway out of Britain’s failing political morass towards a brighter, truly democratic future...

“Reinventing Democracy courageously tackles the gross failures of the British political system. Through concise and reasoned argument, Kauders asserts that the current system is at the root of economic and social decline, including rising poverty and collapsing public services...
“Kauders’ call for a bold revitalisation of democracy through a federal system – one that he argues with persuasion will truly empower the people – is timely and essential reading, making this book a valuable contribution to the discourse on political reform.” The European
The above review in full is online at The European
“Kauders’ call for a written constitution and a federal association is not just relevant to the United Kingdom but holds lessons for any nation grappling with democratic challenges. Reinventing Democracy is an important catalyst for discussion and a rallying cry for a more accountable and responsive political system.” - London Economic
The above review in full is online at the London Economic 
A guest article by the author is also available at the London Economic

“A powerful, persuasive, and timely wake-up call for transforming the UK into a federal state. A must-read.” Richard Moriarty - The Sun



Table of contents


Summary of principal concepts

1  A country that has lost its way

Uncomfortable truths

Britain and Europe

What rights do you have?

What does the future hold?

2  Major UK policy failures

The seven major mistakes

The cumulative effect of policy failures

Measures of living standards


The UK retail energy market



3  The case for constitutional change

What makes a society successful?

The dead end of political evolution

The road to British serfdom

Other failures

Closing ranks against the truth

The democratic deficit

Federal systems of governance

Direct democracy

      Broader economic issues

Overseas territories

Linking the issues

4  Outline of a solution

Learning from the gross mistake


Compete, compromise, cooperate, consult

The numerical dominance of England

Central or local? Who pays the piper?

International agreements

Artificial intelligence and the tech industries

What else?

5  The People’s Council

Functions of the People’s Council

Organisations forming the British state


Requests for referendums

Listening to the people

Assent to legislation


The facts hub

Referrals to the Constitutional Court

Legislative mandates and venues

      The People's Assent

Choosing and refreshing the People’s Council

      1 The regulated group

      2 The general group

      3 The sortition group

      Leadership, building expertise, team work

6  The new governments

Levels of governance and oversight

      United Kingdom responsibilities

      England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Overseas territories


The need for change

Revenue and borrowing

      United Kingdom government revenue

      Revenues of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

      Revenue sources for the regions

      Government borrowing

      User fees

      Wealth taxes

Pensions, health care costs and social security

Other changes that are needed

7  How change could be achieved


      Scotland and Wales

      Northern Ireland

Interpretation of preliminary results

Adopting the new constitution


8  First draft constitution of the United Kingdom


The draft constitution

Overseas territories of the United Kingdom


The state and the citizen

The law

Social objectives

Relations between the arms of government; financial equalisation; legal relations

Foreign affairs

Military, security, police, emergency services

Culture, education, religion, charters

Essential services and infrastructure

Government accounts; the national debt; taxation

Health care

Business, the economy, common regulation and standards

Pensions and benefits

Elections to parliaments and local authorities



The People’s Council

Membership of the People’s Council


Entry into force

Changes to this Constitution

Further transitional provisions

The Constitutional Court

Appendix A: The Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Appendix B: Rights


Index (Print edition only)



Reinventing Democracy: Improving British political governance by David Kauders

Print ISBN: 9781907230202

E-book: 9781907230226



About the author

David Kauders FRSA was educated at Latymer Upper School, Jesus College Cambridge and Cranfield School of Management. He is an investment manager and author.


Publication 28 May 2024


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ISBN: 9781907230226

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