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E-book 9781907230424  £3.99 €3.99 $4.99 Prices vary by country
Printed book 9781907230387  £9.99 €11.95 $12.95
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Sweden Adlibris  Bokus Adlibris   Wordery
Switzerland Orell Füssli  Buchhaus  Orell Füssli   Wordery
Turkey Dogan (D&R) Order 9781907230387 from any bookshop
UAE (see global stores) Amazon
United Kingdom Amazon  Kobo   Speedyhen

Blackwells  Waterstones   Wordery

United States Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Barnes & Noble  Books-a-Million

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Lynnwood by Thomas Brown ISBN E-book 9781907230424, Print 9781907239387