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Reinventing democracy

30 October 2023

This book project grew out of a series of private meetings, notably one that exposed the hidden costs of the Private Finance Initiative in 2002, an examination of federalism in 2015, and an investigation into Brexit paralysis in 2017.

Growing concern about the relative economic deterioration of the United Kingdom led to realisation that the system of political governance is probably an unrecognised cause of British decline. Events over the last few years have provided a fertile supply of examples. All that was needed was some original thought, but nobody seemed to be facing facts. Hence this book. 

At the centre of these ideas lie four major concepts:

  1. The People's Council to replace the Privy Council, House of Lords, and some scrutiny functions of the present House of Commons.

  2. A federal structure, with sovereignty defined as sovereignty of the people of each nation instead of the Crown in parliament.

  3. Representation in United Kingdom-wide bodies to be determined according to the Fibonacci series, so that England can be outvoted by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, thereby preventing England treating the other nations as colonies.

  4. The book includes a draft written constitution, with the aim of putting citizens in control of government.

There is much more waiting for you to discover.

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