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Crime, mystery, private detective and (mild) horror fiction

"...the writing is witty and there are moments that are laugh out loud funny..." - UK reviewer

"I felt I was reading a true account of how ordinary lives can be turned upside down by family connections we try to remove ourselves (in this case the Mafia). Insightful, well written and I found the pace just right. The storyline took an interesting twist at the end which didn’t disappoint." - UK reviewer

9781907230691  £ 9.99  Buying links and more information


The unthinkable is happening in Lynnwood – a village with centuries of guilt on its conscience.

“An exciting début from a new young writer with a dark imagination. Thomas Brown’s beautifully written novel proposes a modern gothic forest far from the tourist trail, a place filled with strange events and eerie consequences.” - UK reviewer

9781907230387   £ 9.99 Buying links and more information

Prosecuting criminal cases, barrister Anthony Rathe convinced a jury to imprison an innocent man, who subsequently took his own life. Horrified at his mistake, Rathe abandons his glittering legal career, vowing to truly serve justice. A series of cases come his way.

"This felt more like a gentlemanly approach to crime detection...Each case was self contained and fairly succinct. I enjoyed the change in pace from more grisly stories." - UK reviewer

9781907230684   £ 9.99 Buying links and more information

Ellipsis is a disturbing thriller stemming from what is left unsaid, what bounces around in the mind and evaporates when trying to remember. Can there be a conclusion when no-one seems to know the truth?

 "It’s a tale that will keep them wondering, gasping, thinking, smiling, grimacing, rereading. What more can a reader ask for?" - UK Reviewer

9781907230189   £ 9.99 Buying links and more information

This exciting anthology brings together the work of two much admired Sherlock Holmes writers. In these stories Holmes and Watson are engaged in daring exploits applying their razor-sharp intelligence in new cases.

"It is a testament to the writers ... that it is difficult to see where Doyle ends and the new authors begin...A welcome addition to the legacy of Conan Doyle" - UK reviewer

9781907230615   £ 4.99  e-book only  Buying links and more information

Two plots running parallel... you won't see what's coming

The sixth novel in the Detective Johnny (One Eye) Hawke series.

“I didn’t really want this story to end. I didn’t know how it was going to end, and I just loved that feeling...It keeps you in the dark until the very end." - UK reviewer

9781907230462  £8.99  Buying links and more information

For younger readers

“This is an ideal book for readers aged ‘tweens’ and up; it is filled with mystery, action, adventure, thrills, spills and dire peril - and not too long either. A fun children’s book, sure to be popular with the majority of youngsters.” - UK reviewer

9781907230448  £ 7.99 Buying links and more information

“Loved this book ‒ engaged with it straight away - especially liked Betty. Delightful book. Well recommended.” - Bookseller, Wales

“... a great book for reluctant readers ... A good fantasy read with good vs. evil” - Bookseller, USA

9781907230608  £ 9.99  Buying links and more information

"innovative and insightful... I couldn't wait to devour part two" - Times Educational Supplement


"I was utterly flabbergasted... one of the most compelling novels I've ever read" - Heffers Review, Cambridge

9781907230196  £ 9.99  Buying links and more information

“The plot was unique to me and the creatures were amazing, there is no need for illustrations as the description of the characters is so good that they leap into your imagination in picture form." - Reviewer, UK

“...I did find myself chuckling at some of the funnier lines.” - Reviewer, UK

9781907230455   £ 9.99  Buying links and more information


         Other Fiction         

The True Friend (Il vero amico)Three British Mystery NovelsThe Eloquence of DesireFeatherbones
Drama, comedy (Italian and English parallel text)Omnibus edition of Lynnwood, A Taste for Blood and EllipsisRomance - "a wonderfully compassionate and insightful view of her all too human and believable characters" - UK reviewerUrban fiction / New adult


Challenges the economic consensus

This book shows that all schemes that borrow from the future are thwarted by three related concepts:

  • the true cost of debt to society,

  • the central banking economic cycle, and

  • the financial system limit.

The author challenges the existing academic and political consensus about how economies should be managed.

Whether you are a concerned individual, an academic, politician, banker or even a policymaker, read about a different view of the current financial orthodoxies, one that will provoke serious debate and even action.

“Radical thinkers might have a point” was how the Financial Times described David Kauders’ first book, The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy.


E-book 9781907230776.  Print 9781907230790.

Buying links and more information about The Financial System Limit

NB The UK print edition is subtitled "Britain's real debt burden".  All other editions are subtitled "The world's real debt burden". Only the UK print edition includes the UK postscript.

Special offer in the United Kingdom only: e-book for just 99p.

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Worse trading terms with Europe but no major new trade deals?

Food being destroyed while prices rise and we import instead?

Gas prices roughly twice those in Europe?


  • There are no shortages in Europe, therefore the pandemic is not their cause.
  • Other relationships with Europe are possible that do little or no damage.
  • The 2016 referendum merely said "leave the European Union".
  • It did not specify what the new relationship should be.


This careful analysis sets out the main options and their consequences.  Read it to learn why a better Brexit, fixing the mess, is possible.

E-book ISBN 9781907230646 price may vary
Also see the original description and reviews of Understanding Brexit Options

A printed edition is also available ISBN 9781907230653



The Financial System Limit, by David Kauders
Psychology of Crowds (Revival) The Financial System Limit: The World's Real Debt Burden
Gustave le Bon David Kauders
Mass behaviour Economics, finance, politics
"the unconscious irrational workings of group thought and mass emotion" Challenges the economic consensus
Now printed locally in AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR, PL  Now printed locally in AU, BR, CN, DE, ES, IN, IT, JP, KR, PL 
The Greatest Crash: How contradictory policies are sinking the global economy Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?
David Kauders David Kauders
Economics, finance, business Economics, politics
"Radical thinkers might have a point"
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